Hereford Wedding Hair

Hair Up Solutions - five steps to perfect wedding hair!

Step 1 - Before the wedding

I recommend that you book a consultation 12 to 14 weeks before your wedding day. This will allow us plenty of time to plan exactly the look that you want.

Step 2 - Trial day

Please bring any hair accessories or extensions that you are planning on using. It's also a good idea to to bring photos of your wedding dress and a few preferred hairstyles. (When looking for hairstyle ideas for your big day, please bear in mind that hair colours in photos may not be exactly the same when applied to your hair.)

Any hair cutting or colouring should be done one to two weeks before the wedding.

Step 3 - The day before

Shampoo, conditioner and blow dry, with minimum product. No flat ironing as this can affect how your hair will hold or curl the following day.

Step 4 - On the wedding day

Please share this information with all your bridal party.

Wear a zip-up or button-down gown or shirt that doesn't have to go over your head and hair. Unless requested, please DO NOT wash your hair, as working with your hair's natural oils allows for a smoother finish to your chosen up do. Now it's time to chill and let our Beauty Team take over.

Step 5 - Removing your hair-up

Make sure all pins and baubles are removed. Apply two shampoos and one conditioner.

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